Lone Vessel

Project 365 Look Back

1 new photo everyday for 1 year.  Sounded like a good idea at the time, until I had already left my house twice in a day and came home with no photos I ever wanted anyone to see.  This happened many many times during this project.  Or the many times I would go out to shoot, feeling like I'd been to every corner of the earth already and there weren't any more photos to take out there.  Ill with a fever for the last week of the 365 days straight and forcing myself to leave the house to be able to shoot.  But, in the end, I'm very happy I did it.  365 days and a new shutter click every single day, not one cheat photo in the lot.  Many that I'm not happy with, but I'm learning to not be so hard on myself.  Plus, you've got to take the good with the bad.  Here are some highlights and stories from my Project 365.

Well, If I had to pick a favorite this would be it.  One of the first shots I took and for the whole project its always been my favorite.  Funny because I normally look for colorful sunsets, but my love for black and white is stronger.  There is something so wonderful to me about photos where the contrast between black and white is almost too deep.  For me this photo has just enough detail to it to keep you looking around the frame, wondering where the ladder is going or why you would need to climb down.  It's also timeless, this could have been shot at any point in human existence and it probably was taken once before.  Simplicity is Divinity.

Untitled photo

This shot was one of many that happened like this: I had a busy day, the first chance to shoot for the day didn't come until after dinner time.  The day ticking away, I think over my options of where to drive to shoot.  I spend about an hour racking my brain for a night location without stars at the end of a rainy day.  Frustrated, I decided to walk around my own town.  Nothing could be a bigger waste of time to me, I've exhausted this town for photo spots and this can't lead to anything.  Reluctantly, I head out with my camera and 1 lens in my pocket to walk the boring streets of Plymouth AGAIN.  Either fate, or just happenstance lead me to this beaming oak and I couldn't have been happier.

American Morning

Another personal favorite, and one of many that I got because I went to a specific location for a specific shot but this is the one I ended up with instead.  So many photos I've taken are from that same circumstance.  Those are the best because it's more organic.  The photo is taking you, instead of you taking the photo.


I saw this little branch on the ground as my family and I were walking.  I pointed it out to my oldest daughter, I always have my camera on my shoulder and I asked her to hold it up for a photo.  Later on when looking at the photo on my phone I captioned it with:

8/6/2016 When I saw this small branch on the ground decaying I already knew I had to photograph it for several reasons. It has great range of color, wonderful texture especially with the few pin holes in the leaves. The shape and symmetry to it caught my eye as well, but most of all the reminder that without a doubt one day we will all cease to exist and begin our own decay. So it goes. I wasn't set on someone holding it out for me to photograph it but compelled to have my oldest child hold it for me because she is my continuation in this world. So for me this is past and present and future. Hopefully some of that message, or your own comes to mind when you see this image.


This black and white is one photo I posted with great disgust.  I truly didn't shoot anything better that day and I settled on this photo.  Until I started to go through my shots today for this blog post I don't think I've given it a second look.  Looking at it now, I find it very pleasing and I'm quite happy with it actually.  I really like the detail and the light with the black and white.  This project has truly been a learning experience, I highly recommend starting one.  I feel it has changed my style for the better, given me some patience and reinforced the idea that sometimes you need to take your lumps and keep moving. Thanks for looking, and here are some others that I really like from the last year.

Pier Slats
Shadow Tilt
Under Water
Retired Corn Crib
Fading Light
Golden Ollie
Rainy Day Stroll
Strawberry Moon
Burning Fields
Space Tower
Far Away Stars
Crisp Air
Bridge View