Nikkor 50mm f1.8 on FUJIFILM X-Pro2 - Jarrod Pimental

Nikkor 50mm f1.8 on FUJIFILM X-Pro2

  Adapted with Metabones N/F - X mount  $99 on B&Hphoto

This lens has been around for 30 years so this isn't a review, just a short series using this great lens.  Maybe some of my thoughts too. If you need a review of the lens go to Ken Rockwell's site.

Technically a pancake lens, it isn't annoyingly long with the adapter.  Any old Nikkor longer than this is pretty dreadful to carry because the front end weight that makes the camera hang forward.  For instance, the AIs 28mm F2.8, wonderful lens, but not to carry with a neck strap on this camera.

Ball Jar - ISO 200 f1.8 1/2000sec

Done for the day - ISO 200 f2 1/3000sec 

Tower viewer - ISO 1600 f1.8 1/8000sec

If you used this lens on a Nikon system you know it's a good lens, great even at the price it sells for.  But on the FUJIFILM X-Trans sensor its outstanding, tack sharp, no vignetting, dramatic bokeh, film like rendering if you want it.  I use this lens with high contrast red focus peaking, the manual focus ring is superb.  I've always preferred manual focus and the red focus peaking is an amazingly helpful tool, to me it exceeds auto focus performance.

Massasoit - ISO1600   f1.8   1/1700sec

Nora Vasconcellos - ISO 2000  f5.6  1/8000sec

Jeff Hill - ISO 500  f5.6  1/2000sec

I chose the Metabones adapter because of its design, I like that its straight from the lens to the mount.  I have tested the $14 K&F Concepts adapter with this lens and I see no difference in performance.  This lens sells regularly at $35 usd on eBay(prices are rising fast due to mirrorless popularity), with the Metabones adapter this a $134 combo that is perfect front to back.  Very reasonable at that price, but only $49 with the K&F adapter.  Get it if you don't have one, there is a great feeling of ease when you are shooting top quality glass that costs less than $50, drop it, smack it on a table who cares.  I can't think of any reasons not to own this set up, Nikkor lenses are proven performers with some of the best build quality in the world. No brainer.

Them Bones - ISO 400  f4  1/40sec

Plymouth Rock - ISO800  f8  1/70sec

Down the Row - ISO2000  f8  1/10500sec

Harbor Morning - ISO 1600  f8  1/7000sec

Watching - ISO400  f4  1/110sec