Acadia Leaf Peeping

Oct 14-16 my family and I took our school bus RV up the coast to Mount Desert Island, ME, home of Acadia National Park.  Just a weekend to get away and enjoy some of the earth's best autumn colors.


Our set up at Blackwoods Campground right inside the park.  The campground is very clean, very friendly and has good pull through spots.  I highly recommend it.

The Vibrant colors that draw us in, this is our second year in a row visiting Acadia during peak foliage color.

Our first hike, we are off trail kind of people.  There are so many interesting and very different spots in the woods of Maine.

Bringing the Enduro was a great idea, I get up an hour before the sun and stay out for a few hours shooting photos.  By the time I get back to camp everyone is just about ready to start the day.

Advanced color zone.


Jordan Pond is one of the main attractions in the park.  There is a great hike around the pond, perfect views, a handmade bridge and a restaurant.  Plus this view of the Bubbles mountains, photographers of all walks gravitate to this ever perfectly posed landscape shot all year long.

Jordan Pond House is so busy that I couldn't help people watching a bit.


We found another hike that ended with scenic coastal views.  Maine's rocky coast is a large part of it's magic.  The whole park has a faint smell of salt water mixed with pine trees that is wonderfully intoxicating.


The end of a beautiful October day in the Northeast.  We really got lucky with the weather considering the week before a hurricane landed here.

The Full Moon watched us pull out of Mount Desert Island and back onto the road home.